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Who am I?

... and why this web site?

Hi there, I'm Tom

A big fan of any creative work beside the fact that I'm not so good in standard creative activities like music, paintings, writing ... and many many others kinds of art. But I'm a big believer and from the age of 9, I became addicted to coding despite the fact that there was a complete lack of information, literature and hobby clubs for kids like me. No matter what other people said, I loved it. I spent on programming way more time than my mates on playing the games. I've been allways hungry for knowledge and exploring new things, new ways of doing ordinary things differently. Creative coding is at least for me the way I can relax, meditate and create a beautiful art and the only talent needed is a will to work hard, be playful and know some coding. The coding is the part I've decided to help the others with. This is a real purpose of this web site. The web site I wish I would have found when I was beginning with programming and searching for some help.

I believe that I'm not the only one who had it that way. I want to share what I've learned to keep things rolling. A great step forward in creative coding and generative art for me was that I discovered an existence of an amazing Daniel Schifmann and his Coding Train. Daniel's not only the best teacher I've ever seen in action, he's also one of the best live performers on youtube. I really enjoy every single moment I spend on his youtube channel.